About Me and This Blog


First and foremost, I am a sinner saved only by the grace of God, of which I am reminded daily!  I am a husband to my beautiful wife for 11 1/2 years and father of three beautiful girls.  My dog is also a girl, so I’m completely surrounded.

I am currently a Ph. D. student at Southern Seminary studying Christian Philosophy with a minor in Church History.  My interest is in the history of ideas, particularly in how the great theologians in church history viewed the relationship between philosophy and theology.  In a post-Enlightenment age where reason is king and faith is relegated to one’s private life, the issue of the relationship between faith and reason is one of vital importance for the Christian to think through.  Is reason only for those who reject faith? Are people of faith to shun reason? Is there some sort of balance between faith and reason?

As I’ve progressed through my doctoral studies, the more I’ve read the early church fathers, theologians of the Medieval Age, the more I find that they have much to offer for Christians seeking to make an impact in the marketplace of the 21st century. While much good has been done by Christian philosophers today in defense of the faith (and these works should be utilized and commended), it will do Christians good to look back on those upon whose shoulders we stand.

As we seek to engage our culture, struggle with the tough questions facing our nation, our world, and the issues facing our churches, let us strive to do as Paul admonishes us in 1 Corinthians 5:10, and as our Christian forebearers illustrate for us in their works, to “take every thought captive in obedience to Christ.”

Would enjoy hearing from you!

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