Help Rebuild Louisiana: A Story of Abundant Giving

An 18-wheeler full of donations. Courtesy of New Covenant Church.

An 18-wheeler full of donations. Courtesy of New Covenant Church.

I recently wrote a post calling for us to consider donating money for building supplies as Louisianans prepare to rebuild their homes and businesses. The stories of Americans’ generosity have been amazing. Today I want to share a story from New Covenant Church – my home church in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Todd Whirley, the executive pastor, has admirably served as a contact person for relief efforts from the very beginning. New Covenant, along with a few surrounding businesses, was spared from flooding, allowing the church to serve as a staging area for rescues and as a donation center. (Amazingly, just about 1/3 of a mile north of the church, there several feet of water!) Two weeks after the flood, New Covenant continues to serve as a significant donation center. Here is an excerpt from the church’s website:


Today an 18-wheeler showed up at Home Depot in Baton Rouge to distribute goods. A fight broke out and we believe a policeman had heard about the ministry happening here and sent the truck here. Unexpected. Fully loaded. True story. If you want to see what the contents of an 18-wheeler that have been unloaded by hand look like, visit the Park area tomorrow. It’s like a grocery bomb went off in there. Teams from several states have been going through it for hours. Much more to be done. Come at 4pm and help. If you need pretty much anything a Walmart would sell, tomorrow is a really good day to take home what you need after church. Folks from all over the country have sent these things to minister to you. Even if your home was spared but you are

Just want to give you a heads up…The building now looks like a fully engulfed disaster relief center. There are workers and stuff everywhere. There are stacks of pallets and enormous boxes on the front walk that cannot be removed today. Serious ministry is happening and Christ is being exalted. Every time we say we are winding down the donation area, God says otherwise by sending us minor prophets like 18-wheelers. It will all get sorted, organized and distributed before the Lord returns…

America’s generosity – and God’s provision! – continues to shine forth. Do you want to know how you can help? Here’s one way….

The first organization that I want to highlight is New Covenant Church. Here, you have two opportunities of service:

  1. Give of your money. Visit New Covenant’s online giving website: (be sure to select 2016 Flood Disaster Relief in the drop down menu). Here you can donate monies that are specifically used for flood relief. One thing that I want to stress is that building materials will be in high demand in the upcoming weeks, and not everyone will be able to afford these materials. By donating money, you can help families that have no flood insurance to buy what they need to rebuild.
  2. Give of your time. I spoke with Todd Whirley last week, and he mentioned how New Covenant is willing to host teams who want to travel to Denham Springs to help in the rebuilding phase. The church has plenty of space where the team can stay, there is a shower truck, and there is a laundry truck. If you want to give by giving of your time, then fill out the contact form below, and I can put you in touch with Todd Whirley.

I will be highlighting other organizations in flood-impacted areas, so keep your eyes open for other opportunities to help rebuild Louisiana!



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