A Night to Remember – the McDonalds at the Bevin/Hampton Rally

Last night, my family and I attended the Bevin/Hampton rally as the election results rolled in. We have never attended anything like this and thought it would be a great opportunity for us to experience American politics in a new way (new to us). The atmosphere was charged with optimism and excitement as Republicans won key positions in state government and as the results of the governor’s race rolled in. It was an experience to remember as we took part in welcoming in Matt Bevin as Kentucky’s next governor.

My wife and I, though, have another reason to be excited about last night. As Bevin’s lead over Conway was at a comfortable  level, Bevin and his family made their way into the ballroom to great supporters. My two youngest daughters wanted to make their way toward Bevin for a chance to say hi and to take a picture with them. Making our way to Bevin was easy despite the crowd around him – we were able to get within two feet of him. The challenge was to get his attention, which my youngest daughter eventually did as she lightly tapped him on the shoulder. I was able to get a picture of my girls with Bevin, and they even took a selfie with him. 🙂

Little did I know that the media would jump on this photo op, and before the night was over, my girls’ picture with Bevin was on USA Today, the Courier-Journal, and Yahoo.com. It’s been fun to see an innocent picture garner attention on national media (in a good way!). All it took was a tap on the shoulder for us to have Gov.-Elect Bevin’s attention for just a short moment. The fact that he took the time to take a picture and a selfie speaks volumes about his character. Thank you, Mr. Bevin! Though this may have seemed like a small moment in your busy night (and what a wonderful night!), you made a huge impact on two girls who have big dreams!

Here are the pictures that have made the news:

USA Today: this picture was taken as I was taking a picture of the girls and Bevin with my cell phone.

From USA Today’s article titled “GOP’s Bevin defeats Conway in Ky. gov.’s race.” Click on the picture for the article.

Yahoo Newsthis picture was taken shortly after Emma got Bevin’s attention. Here Libby is talking to Gov. Elect Bevin.

Libby (future governor) meeting Gov.-Elect Bevin.

Courier-Journal (Louisville):

The photo USA Today picked up. I spoke with a photographer from CJ to give them my girls’ names.

Deborah Yetter (Reporter at CJ, via her Twitter account: @d_yetter): I had the opportunity to speak with Ms. Yetter; she’s a very nice lady. She was patient with the girls and seemed to enjoy speaking with them.

Taken by Deborah Yetter at CJ. We were by the stage getting ready for Bevin's speech.

Taken by Deborah Yetter at CJ. We were by the stage getting ready for Bevin’s speech.

Overall, it was a very good night. My girls’ overnight “fame” just topped it off!

So, with my daddy-bragging over with, I must say that attending the rally last night helped me to get a new perspective on American politics. Yes, we have problems in the government. Yes, it can get wearying hearing the fighting crossing over the political divide. But, seeing our politics in action yesterday showed me that despite our warts, we really do have a wonderful political system.


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